Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about how to buy land in Mahala, Forrestdale? Search our FAQs for everything you need to know about buying and building your home in Mahala.
  • Where is Mahala located?

    Mahala is a new land estate in Forrestdale, a south of the river suburb located 25 mins from Perth CBD. The estate is bound by three roads - Armadale, Anstey and Keane.

    You can learn more about Mahala’s location and download an aerial map of the estate here.

  • What lot sizes are available in Mahala?

    Lots for sale in Mahala range from 180m2 to 550m2. Find a block that suits your budget and lifestyle needs here.

  • What is the price range for land in Mahala?

    Available land for sale in Mahala is currently priced between $215,000 and $299,000. Find a block that suits your budget and lifestyle needs here.

  • What’s included with my land purchase?

    In addition to your block of land, you’ll receive side and rear fencing with front yard landscaping and OptiComm Fibre to the Premises internet connection.

    Learn more about land inclusions here.

  • What land is available now and what has been developed so far in Mahala?

    The first two stages of Mahala have been released and are available for sale.  Visit our Land for Sale page for availability.  

    For the latest news on upcoming developments in Mahala, visit our Master Plan page.

  • What is the soil type for lots in Mahala?

    The soil profile for Mahala is A class.

  • What schools are near Mahala?

    There are a range of primary and secondary schools near Mahala, including Harrisdale Senior High School, Forrestdale Primary School, and Forrestdale Community Kindergarten, which provides early learning education for children aged 3 years and older.

    Learn more about schools and child care in and around Mahala here.

  • What is the process for buying land in Mahala?

    Once you’ve chosen the community you would like to live in, we recommend speaking to a bank or finance broker to find out how much you can borrow.

    Getting pre-approval from your lender will enable you to move quickly when you’ve found your dream block in Mahala - from there, one of our Sales team will guide you through the land buying process.

    For more detailed steps on buying land, see our Home Buyers Guide or get in touch with us directly.

  • Can I buy and build in Mahala if I'm based overseas and I'm not an Australian resident?

    If you are not a resident of Australia and wish to purchase land, there are special conditions that apply.  Please notify us at the time of signing if you are not an Australian resident.

    For further information, please contact the Foreign Investment Review Board.

    c/o Department of the Treasury
    Langton Crescent, Canberra ACT 2600
    Telephone: (02) 6263 3795
    Fax: (02) 6263 2940

Home Buyer’s Guide

From choosing the right block of land to securing finance, read our guide to make your home buying journey as smooth as possible.

See Our Home Buyer’s Guide
Building Guidelines

Find the maps, layouts, and development plans you need to know when building in Mahala.

Building Guidelines

Download the pricelist for lots for sale in Mahala.

Price List

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