Ties to WA’s rich history

While Mahala was just recently launched in 2020, the suburb and surrounding landscape itself has deep ties with WA’s rich heritage.

A natural development

While a new development, the land on which Mahala sits has had many different uses throughout its life.

Before Mahala was even a glimmer in our eye, the space was used as agricultural land for WA’s primary industries, and fenced by rich bush on all sides. The development site itself is one of the last remaining tracts of urban land in the district, with the surrounding land being given important environmental protection status. You can explore these areas, and we encourage you to; most notably the exceptional Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve, that sits just 250m south of your front door.

This rich bushland and the surrounding area has traditionally been an important area for the local Noongar people, particularly for food gathering. The cooler Autumn months saw turtle hunting take place in what’s now the Forrestdale Lake.

Further afield, the surrounding suburb of Forrestdale takes a leaf from WA’s history books. It’s one of many places you’ll find named after Lord John Forrest, who together with his wife Margaret collected and recorded Western Australian native botanical specimens, and had a big hand in shaping our State’s exploration future.

A community that welcomes everyone

Mahala was conceived as a master planned community with a playful side. Full of community spaces, wide roads, tree-lined verges, and nature at every corner.

Our goal was to create a diverse natural neighbourhood that strikes a balance between the natural and modern worlds. A place where families can start and grow, where lifestyles can change, and where everyone is welcomed to build the life they want.

Why is it named “Mahala”?

Mahala is a word used in many cultures that means ‘neighbourhood’ or ‘to settle’. 

And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. Mahala speaks to our community’s sense of safety, warmth, and hospitality. It’s a place to find yourself among friends and family, a place to put down roots, and a place to grow.

Mahala is a diverse neighbourhood that’s welcoming to everyone, so we chose a name that reflected that.

Discover more amenities

Getting around Mahala

Close to Tonkin Highway, Kwinana Freeway, and just 25 minutes from the CBD and Perth Airport, Mahala makes coming home easy.

Transport in Mahala
Schools and Child Care

Mahala is in the catchment area for a number of excellent primary and secondary school choices, with early learning options just a few minutes down the road.

Schools in Mahala
Shopping and dining out

Find your favourite brands, retail stores, eateries & more at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City.

Shopping and Retail
Mahala Forrestdale Family-friendly new estate near Piara Waters south of the river

Build your future in Mahala, Forrestdale.

Be part of a diverse new community, surrounded by all the amenities you need. Find the perfect block of land for your home in Mahala today.


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