What Is A Masterplanned Community?

Wondering what sets masterplanned estates apart from traditional suburbs? Learn more about the benefits of living in a masterplanned community.

A masterplanned community is a planned residential community that is purposefully designed for liveability and self-sufficiency.

While a “traditional” neighbourhood tends to grow and evolve in a free-form way, a masterplanned estate is strategically planned to address the lifestyle needs of future residents and integrate seamlessly with its environment.

LWP Group Managing Director Brendan Acott believes that great communities are created by putting people at the heart of the planning process.

"A successful masterplanned community includes well-considered planning of roads, parks, education needs, community and civic spaces, and commercial centres to meet the daily needs of residents," LWP Group Managing Director Brendan Acott

Whether you're a first home-buyer or a growing family looking to upsize into a bigger property, here are some of the top reasons more Aussie homeowners are buying into masterplanned communities.

The benefits of living in a masterplanned community

Great connections to public transport and amenities.
Living in a masterplanned community will ensure amenities such as schools, shops, restaurants, medical centres, and employment hubs are all in easy reach of your home (and often in walking distance.)

In addition to shortening the distance you’ll need to travel as you go about your daily routine, you can expect less noise and pollution from local road traffic given that more people can simply walk, cycle, or hop on a nearby train or bus connection.

Live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Through the use of green technologies and sustainable design principles, a masterplanned community has a much lower environmental footprint than your standard suburb.

Properties that consume less energy to heat and cool also means more savings over time, so it’s a win-win for homeowners on a budget!

Be part of a vibrant and socially connected community.
At its core, a masterplanned community is intended to foster social connection between its residents.

From the design of neighbourhood streets to public spaces that bring people together through local events and social gatherings, putting down roots and making friends is much easier for new arrivals in a masterplanned community.

Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.
To support people’s health and wellbeing, a masterplanned community will typically include amenities such as parks, gyms, pools, hike and bike trails, and green spaces for people to exercise and recharge in nature.

Across all LWP communities, a special effort is also made to preserve its natural surrounds. Besides protecting the local wildlife and ecosystems, residents won't need to travel far to enjoy a dip at a local beach or a leisurely hike through local bushland.

A masterplanned community offers much more than just a house in a neat-looking neighbourhood - it’s a place where you can develop lasting connections in your community, enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle without compromising on convenience, and continue building your future for the long-term.

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