Mahala Forrestdale FAQ

Find out more about our new community Mahala, located in Forrestdale

Quick facts

  • Where is Mahala located?

    It is in the suburb of Forrestdale, bound by three roads - Armadale, Anstey and Keane. 


  • What does Mahala mean?

    Mahala is a word used in many cultures that means neighbourhood or location. It originated in Arabic from the root meaning ‘to settle’, ‘to occupy’. In ancient cultures hospitality involved welcoming people and offering food, shelter and safety. It’s also a Balkan word for ‘neighbour’. The meaning of Mahala also resonates with the Department of Communities’ ‘People, Place and Home’ objectives of this development.

  • What style of housing will be in Mahala?

    Mahala will offer a range of affordable and contemporary homes that incorporate high quality and innovative modern design to ensure more liveable outcomes for homeowners.

    Construction aligned with Livable Housing Design Guidelines to Silver Standard Level will ensure sustainability and accessibility for ageing residents and people with mobility and access needs.

    Native flora and fauna elements will be included in parks, front yard landscapes and streetscapes. Diverse housing options will be delivered to cater to the needs of the community through a mixed supply of dwelling types, sizes, tenures and prices suitable for households at every stage in life.

  • What are the key benefits of Mahala, Forrestdale?
    • high quality, contemporary development
    • mixed household types
    • increased opportunities for first home buyers
    • a connected and diverse community
    • a quality linear park incorporating a living stream to encourage community interaction and recreation
    • close proximity to the Forrestdale Business Park, a major employment node for the area
    • a new primary school
    • easy access to Perth Airport via the Tonkin Highway.

    Facilities Map

  • What is the current status of the development's approvals?

    The Local Structure Plan was approved in June 2020. Sub-divisional approval has also been received and earthworks are due to commence imminently.

  • What lot sizes will be available?

    Mahala will include a diverse range of lot sizes of between 180mand up to approx. 540m2.

  • What is the price range for land?

    At this point, it is too early to provide details on lot pricing, which will be determined before the lots go on sale. Sales prices will be based on current valuations obtained at the time the lots go to market.

    Stage 1 is being prepared for release at on 25 July 2020 Plan + Pricelist.

  • Which school catchment area services Mahala?

    Mahala is situated within the Forrestdale Primary School catchment.  Land within Mahala is earmarked for a new primary school in the future.

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Why Mahala?
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