Annie's Landing park,, Ellenbrook
Designed to be future friendly

Building Communities

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The LWP way

Designing for people

Every LWP community is designed to be future friendly for the natural environment and all of the people who live, work and play there.

Our flagship development, Ellenbrook in Western Australian, has been the incubator for many sustainability ideas, some of which are still considered innovative today, while others have become industry-wide best practice.

As an industry-leading urban developer, we aim to make a lasting contribution to the environmental, social and economic fabric of our communities, while achieving the short-term and long-term requirements of all stakeholders.

Annie's Landing, Ellenbrook | Primary School

Our sustainability initiatives


We’ve set the benchmark for innovation by pioneering the development of the following sustainability initiatives:

Schools in houses and offices

Rear laneway houses

Mix of housing densities

Energy efficiency requirements

Development of cottage lots

Extensive bike and hike trails

Promoting street life and community interaction

Establishing community trust funds

Lexia Wetlands, Ellenbrook

Modelling Sustainability

We recognise the importance of modelling environmental sustainability throughout each of our projects. That’s why our communities are developed with a range of innovative initiatives which include:

Preserving bushland, wetlands, woodlands and waterways to benefit the long-term health of the environment and create a unique visual identity.

Reflecting the natural contours of the landscape and integrating local flora into the urban design and public open spaces.

Providing an ‘eco-logical’ front garden design package as part of all land sales to help purchasers create sustainable gardens.

Integrating extensive bike and hike trails to encourage a healthy lifestyle and connect residents to parks and public open spaces.

Incorporating energy efficiency requirements into the design guidelines.

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Connecting people to people

Building in connectedness

To make it easy for residents to get around and interact with their neighbours, we build connectedness into all of our communities by:

Creating a network of walkways, cycle paths and roads that link areas together and offer people a range of options to reach their destination.

Introducing rear laneway houses with reduced front setbacks to encourage greater community contact in the streets and parks.

Offering a diverse mix of housing options to create a strong social fabric.

Developing cottage lots with reduced frontages to increase housing density and cater for people at different stages of life.

Promoting a healthy street life with front verandahs, varied building setbacks, tree planting, laneways and passive solar design principles.

Dome Cafe, Ellenbrook town centre

Supporting local communities

Within all of our projects, we help build the foundation for a thriving culture by supporting the local community in a variety of ways that include:

  • Constructing learning centres, créches, playgrounds and drop-in centres for the first residents.
  • Installing a permanent information and sales centre to provide a focal point of activity.
  • Establishing a community trust fund to assist with the coordination of artistic initiatives, programs and events.
  • Implementing public art programs to reflect the individual sense of identity.
  • Providing sponsorship's and grants to help not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs and community groups.
  • At the Meve, a charity home was built, and significant contributions from the community toward the Fremantle Medical Research Foundation were facilitated. In subsequent years, a second home was built at the Meve, which supported the Cord Blood Bank Perth.
  • In Banksia Grove, matching our sponsor efforts to the appropriate demographic of our communities, we support Youth Focus- a not-for-profit organisation working to stop youth suicide – a segment of society, often forgotten.
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